If you are looking for solar pumps, contact Castle Pump & Electric.

We have solar powered pumps for residential, industrial and agricultural properties, including irrigation, livestock and wells. These solar pumps operate anywhere the sun shines. When it's cloudy, the solar pumps pump less water, which you may need less water at those times.

Solar powered pumps can provide an equal volume of water per day without the high and inefficient demands of the large capacity AC pumps. While a regular pump pumps a large amount of water in a short time and shuts off, the solar powered pump works slowly and efficiently all day. Batteries are usually not needed and obviously there are no power costs.

Our solar pumps are efficient, simple, and reliable. The output of our solar pumps varies throughout the day depending on the changing weather conditions.

The small, submersible solar water pumps receive less energy and run more slowly than regular pumps. The savings are much greater with solar pumps since they need attention only every three to twenty years, depending on the type.

Our professionals at Castle Pump & Electric LLC in Yakima, Washington are dedicated to providing you with the best solar pump service possible.

Castle Pump & Electric in Cowiche, Washington conforms to all current codes and standards so that your solar pump project goes smoothly. We are a member of the National Ground Water Association and the Washington Ground Water Association.

We proudly service Yakima, Zillah, Toppenish, Grandview, Sunnyside, White Swan, Ellensburg, and all of Yakima County and Kittitas County.